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Isotope gas

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Name: Helium-3
Classification: Isotope gas
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Product Specifications:
Helium (3He, 99.8 atom%)
Helium (3He, 99.9 atom%)
Helium (3He, 99.95 atom%)
Helium (3He, 99.995 atom%)
Helium (3He, 99.9995 atom%)
Helium (3He, 99.9999 atom%)


Chemical purity: 99.995%
O2 <10 ppm
N2 <10 ppm
CO2 <10 ppm
Ar <10 ppm
THC <10 ppm
3H <1 × 1011%

Product Description:
Helium 3 nature and rare precious gas is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, inert. At 20K, He-3 and He-4 density difference is small, about 1% substantially. Using its -268.9 ℃ low-boiling, liquid helium can be used for cryogenic cooling. MRI superconducting electromagnets cooling equipment, military, scientific research, petrochemical, refrigeration, medical, semiconductor, superconductor experiment, optoelectronics, laser gyroscope.

Note: Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-combustible stored in high-pressure gas cylinders. May cause suffocation while increasing its lead content of less than 19.5 percent oxygen content. Equipped with a self-priming breathing mask. Bottled gas products for high-pressure filling gas, should be used by decompression buck before use. Life on the packaging of cylinders are used, where the expired gas cylinders must be taken to have a safety inspection department before they can continue to use. Bottled gas products in the transport and storage, the use of classification should be stacked, non-combustible gas and combustion gas stacked together, are not allowed near open flames and heat sources, do not get near the fire should be, not contaminated with oil wax, not prolonged sun exposure, not weight throw Do not hit, were prohibited in the cylinder body arc or arc, rough handling is strictly prohibited.